Let The LEGO® Movie 2 Games Begin!

Discover the new exciting and creative LEGO® videogames for app and console. Building and rebuilding, creative problem-solving… your kids’ screen time is about to get awesomer!

Discover The LEGO® Movie 2 videogames for kids

Building and rebuilding, creative problem-solving, and a big bundle of fun – these are the creative videogames for kids you’ve been looking for! Let Emmet, Lucy and the friends from The LEGO® Movie 2 take your kids on challenging adventure games for app and video console, at home and on the go.

The LEGO® Movie 2 Videogame

Help your kids put their building skills to the test in this awesome adventure of discovery. It’s got alien monsters, daring rescue missions, brave heroes, unlikely friendships, and a lot of heart. For PlayStation and xBox. Now you want to play too, don’t you?

LEGO® Juniors Meets The LEGO® Movie 2!

Download this app game for children age 4-7 and help your kids put their imagination to use while they create awesome LEGO vehicles and minifigures! LEGO® Juniors meets The LEGO® Movie 2, with new Emmet and Lucy minifigures, cool new vehicles, and lots of new sounds and music. No in-app purchases, no third-party apps – just pure creativity and fun.