LEGO® Technic – Build for real

If you are ready to take your LEGO® building to the next level, then you are ready for LEGO Technic. Advanced realistic models, full of gears, pneumatics and motors. LEGO Technic lets you build for real!

LEGO® Technic turns 40!

LEGO® Technic turns 40!

  • 40 Years of Building

    Back in 1977, a team of LEGO® designers had a dream; they wanted to create more elaborate LEGO models and needed a new building system to make it happen. The new system was made up of beams, axles, gear wheels and connectors and these first sets offered a completely new LEGO building experience. LEGO Technic has now been challenging LEGO builders for 40 years.

  • Challenging Fun

    Challenging yet rewarding, LEGO Technic offers advanced building sets for older kids. Each detailed buildable model is inspired by vehicles from the real world and include lots of cool, working features. From pneumatics to motors, LEGO Technic gets kids not just building, but also engineering.

  • That’s LEGO® Technic

    From planes and cranes to supercars and monster machines …and every other kind of vehicle in between. LEGO Technic is all about awesome models, great building challenges and cool partners like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, CLAAS, Porsche and BMW. This is where you can find all the latest news about LEGO Technic, everything from the newest models and activities, to the coolest videos. So stay tuned to LEGO Technic!