Name: Astrid

From: France

Favorite toys as a kid

Salt dough, cooking, and imagining and creating stories with my puppet theater!

I loved having my hands in something. I didn’t spend much time watching TV. My siblings and I were encouraged to use our imagination in everything we did. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m a designer today.

Top tips on how to stay creative

  • Use what you already have at home. You don’t have to create anything perfect or detailed or buy expensive materials. Paint on a cardboard box. Turn shoeboxes into beds for dolls or teddy bears.

  • Look for inspiration. Look at the colors of your LEGO bricks. What do they remind you of? Explore new things outside your comfort zone. Go to the library. Search online. Read books! Travel!

People who inspired you

My parents. We always had paints and crafts in the house. Every Wednesday we went to the library. I loved the cook books and arts and crafts sections. It gave me endless new opportunities to explore. They always told me “Do what you love and makes you happy.” I think it encouraged me a lot to make my own decisions and express myself.

My arts and crafts teacher. I once decided to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa in art class – with pasta! It didn’t look great! But my teacher saw that I tried and encouraged me instead of belittling my work.  I understood that art could be more simple, fun, a variety of things.

Places that inspired you

The attic in our house. We turned it into our own play area. My sister and I had a wooden cabin in the garden, where no adults could fit inside, so that was our own little world.

And my grandparents’ garden. I climbed trees and made magic potions and lovely perfumes with grass and leaves.

What does creativity mean?

Some people see creativity as a childish thing that’s not valuable when you grow up. But it’s what makes life fun. You can be creative is so many ways. When I wore braces, I had a different color on each tooth so every time I smiled, I smiled a rainbow, haha!! If you follow the advice of others, even if they mean well, it’s not easy to find your own way. But you never lose your creativity. Sometimes it’s just sleeping inside you, but you can always bring it back. It’s part of you, everybody can have ideas. You just have to trust yourself.

Favorite thing to build with six bricks?

That depends on the color of the bricks!