Name: Alice

From: South Wales, in the countryside

Favorite toys as a kid?

  •  I had an old doll my mother gave me. It was the same size as me. It wasn’t a toy to me, she was my friend.

  •  Tins and things from my grandmother’s cupboards I could use to play shop. And my invisible till.

  •  My brothers’ toy castle with trap doors. Lots of roleplay and storytelling.

Top tips on how to stay creative

Lose the Fear – don’t be afraid of doing something wrong. I’ve been there! Think of it as your interpretation, it’s unique. If it doesn’t turn out like you planned, you can give it another go. Build, paint, write, sing, and create because it makes you feel happy.

Believe there’s no logic. Create your own things, stories and art with YOUR logic.

People who inspired you

My dad. He was a design engineer. I always felt I could achieve more because he helped me find materials and break down creative projects into smaller tasks. It made me feel really proud.

Places that inspired you

The hills, fields, rivers, streams and forest behind my house. My friends and I would go on our bikes and discover. We were safe because our parents were all nearby. We’d pretend we lived there, with a treehouse, rope swing and everything.

The tool shed at my grandmother’s house. It had all these old nuts and bolts and hammers. I had no idea what they were, so I made up explanations for every little piece. I felt like a scientist doing experiments. My grandmother would say “Why do you go in there? It smells, it’s really damp!” But it was MY special, mystical place to explore.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity when you’re a child could be anything. It’s hard to understand, even for adults. As a child you have a wonderful imagination – anything goes. When you’re an adult, you might have to get rid of a barrier that stops you from believing anything is possible. But it is possible!

Favorite thing to build with six bricks?